Getting CHeMS
The latest stable release of CHeMS is the 0x03_1. Starting from this release of CHeMS the versioning system has been changed from the usual decimal notation to the hexadecimal one. So this release is the 0.3 with the old versioning system. You can download one of the following tarball (see the current upcoming changes list to learn about new relevant features of this release).

chems-0x04.tar.bz2 (314 KiB)
chems-0x04.tar.gz (319 KiB) (369 KiB)

Check the release page for more informations about CHeMS 0x03_1.

You can also get any older versions from the file releases page. If you are interested in development activities you may found useful this CVS statistics page.

Latest development sources
It's possible to get the current development branch source code from CVS as follow:
   $ cvs co -d chems-dev -P chems
For an online browsing of the sources you can use the CVS web interface.