You may need a bit of help with CHeMS, expecially if you are a completely new user or if you are not much familiar with PHP and (X)HTML. The following is a comprehensive list of place where you can gather informations and ask for help. Please, in order to save your and others people's time, to gather informations strictly follow the same resources order as they are placed below:
  • Frequently Asked Question: this is a list of commons questions and the relative answers. It's likely your problem has already been asked before so here is a good place to look for. Visit the FAQs page and give it a try.

  • Read the guide! It's very useful for new users, further power users and developers. I can't guarantee that all things concerning CHeMS are explained here; though what you need may easily be there. So, be careful while read it online.

  • Search the mailing list archive to see if someone already had your problem and, perhaps, solved it. You could found some post which is not exactly what you are looking for but give you a good point to start on working at your own solution.

  • Okay, at this point i can assume you'd read everything you can. If you didn't figure out a solution at your problem (hard but still possible) it's a good time to ask on the mailing list. Be patient, time is an optional these days. Hopeful someone will reply your post in very few days, hours, minutes... The list is chems-discuss and you can subscribe yourself here.
If you think you have found a bug and you are absolutely sure it's really a bug, then send a report including as many nformations as possible. On the contrary, if you think a feature is fully missing or you need some feature CHeMS doesn't provide yet, try to submit a feature request. The request will be evalutate and, eventually, someone (very likely myself) will write code you need. Features which conflict with the CHeMS main goals will be undoubtedly discarded.

For any other thing use the mailing list.