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Welcome to CHeMS
CHeMS is a free (as in freedom) modular code-driven content helper management system (the first!) written in PHP fully compliant with the XHTML 1.1 and CSS2 standards. One of its main purpose is to help developers and (not so) advanced users to easily setting up a web application (blog, site, etc.) without have to deal with the boring side of this process such as layout generation code, menu blocks and so on. Its modularization system allow to mantain a light and fast core which only have to generate the layout and load the modules to delegate all the real and hard work to them. You never have to learn new weird APIs in order to deal with the CHeMS internals, there is full controll. That's why CHeMS is not a Content Management System (CMS) but rather it's an assistant.

CHeMS has been discontinued.
I have no time to mantain CHeMS anymore.
It would be great if someone would take my
place, mantaining CHeMS and lead it to a
better fate. Until then, that's all.

Its main characterists are the following:
  • It's free (as in freedom) software!
  • Developed from scratch
  • Offline editing
  • No database requirements
  • Compliant with XHTML 1.1 and CSS2 standards
  • Full customizable (through editing its source code)
  • Extensible
  • Fully modular
  • No installation required
  • Compatible with both version 4 and 5 of PHP
  • It's only pure XHTML and PHP (no PHP extensions, no JavaScript, no other)
The latest stable version (0x04) has been released on April 09, 2009. Next release has not yet been scheduled.

At the moment there are available most useful (to the author) module which implements basics functionality. Though it's likely that new module and features will come soon. The main current goal is to make CHeMS very stable and usable, then the process of including new features will start again.

Actually CHeMS is divided into two main modules: pages_mgr and posts_mgr. The first handle the pages as normal web site does, the second deal with posts in a way similar to a blog. To see the blog as is as the posts_mgr module made it click here.

You can found more informations into the docs/ directory or by visit the CHeMS official web site. The CHeMS testing web server is available here.

Enjoy CHeMS!.